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Friends of Edmond Bordeaux Székely and the Essene Teachings - International Biogenic Society I.B.S.

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About Us

This community is the successor of the International Biogenic Society founded by Edmond Bordeaux Székely. We are dedicated in preserving his work and his Essene teachings.

What We Do

We bring together
friends of the Essene Way of Life and open-minded people who long for a natural lifestyle and a better understanding of the physical and spiritual existence
to go together
on an explorative journey into the mysteries of life by means of online-courses, meetings and online books, articles and videos from inspiring guides
so that we can
support and inspire each other to concrete actions and behaviours we can embrace in our own lives in order to create a different world that’s aligned with Love and Peace and a natural rich filled lifestyle where one is healthy and contented.

Why You Should Join

In our community you can communicate with others interested in this subject, find books, photos, videos, downloads, online-courses and real meetings. Find a group near to you or advertise your event. Single and group chat are available too.

Read more than 60 different titles of books by Edmond Bordeaux Székely online. Find many books and articles recommended by him or related to his philosophy.

It's Your Place

Joyful-Life Community is the place for a more conscious, more natural, more spiritual, more loving, more peaceful, more mindful, more fulfilling lifestyle. Friends of the Essene Teachings and Székely's Books are scattered around the world. This is the place to connect. Connections that become part of a larger, deeper, spiritual purpose that gets you closer to knowing the truth of who you really are and the mystery of your life. It’s a place where you can be you – all the good parts, and all the parts that you might consider works-in-progress.

Newbie or Curious?

Never mind. This is where you find it all. - Listen to the experiences of others. Learn from others. Ask for advice. Study on your own. Connect with other newcomers. Remain anonymous or show us who you are.

Check it out now during your free trial period.


This is a place where your soul and your body can call home. This is a place where we’re creating a different world that’s aligned with Love and Peace. A world that’s aligned with a humble, natural rich filled life where one is healthy and contented.

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